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Pinnacle Executive Search

Reaching Great Heights

Leaders think and talk about solutions, followers think and talk about problems.

- Brian Tracy

We have over 20 years in executive search, both retained as well as contingency. We bring expertise and knowledge to the global job market to identify and place top talents for our client companies.

Our Services

Our Services
The Pinnacle Way

Pinnacle Executive Search is dedicated to our clients AND our candidates. We are a firm believer that success starts at the top. High performing systematic leadership is the core of a successful team. These requirements are constantly everchanging. We work with you personally through each phase of the search process to find your pinnacle talents that will make a lasting impact. At Pinnacle Executive Search we focus on three steps that are a priority for every business; identify, recruit, and retain. We bring focus, experience and expansive knowledge to everyone that we work with while delivering the top executive talents.

Client Companies

We're ready to help you build your top leadership teams.  Click here to find out more about our client company relationships.


Our qualified executive recruiting consultants are waiting to hear from you to identify the right people for our clients.  Click here to find out more about our candidate relationships.

“Pinnacle sends us rockstar candidates!  They know exactly what we are looking for and act as trusted advisers every step of the way”

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